Our vision for you salon

The revolution in the sell of professional hair products

The market is languishing: we need to awake people’s enthusiasm. Hullabaloo’s method is simple: we’re not interested in what existing, because you probably don’t care about it anymore either. We want to introduce into the hair salon new life, new energy, a new language, even before new products come out. Hullabaloo means uproar, mayhem, and that’s exactly what we want to make. We want the enthusiasm and joy that led us to this new adventure to be contagious.

We want to be the positive virus able to set off a virtuous circle involving hair stylists, their salons, their employees and customers, changing the face of products to bring back the smile to all men and women who work and strive for hair beauty.

We are not afraid to break the rules, we want to be different and free. Creativity is a good term that should bring together the work of hair stylist and those involved in marketing and product. But it is not always the case. We, at least, have the courage to try. If someone smile at our ideas, our name, our image, we will be happy because we made someone smile!