Cosmoprof 2017 waiting

Giovedì 16 Marzo 2017

Who already knows us, also knows that we can't stand still not even for a moment. For us it is always the right time to change, to evolve, to improve.

And it was through this our on going search for innovations that we landed to a new digital vision of Hullabaloo brand.

It is under this spirit that it is born our new website

With a layout compleately renovated we offer you a new way to navigate the world Hullabaloo.

We hope you will enjoy it, we're sure of it!

Cosmoprof 20-23 Marzo
Cosmoprof 2016 / 18 Marzo
Cosmoprof 2017 waiting
Prodotti professionali per parrucchieri: MODO
Da oggi online il nuovo sito